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We craft high-quality experiences, leaving no room for shortcuts.

THE PROCESS of our clutured tea

There is a world of teas to explore, and the field of tea is becoming widely recognised for its broad variety depending on region, harvest, and production techniques.

Our selection is based on exclusive teas, mostly bio/ecologically grown. Some are purchased in Sweden, some from Europe and some are imported from Asia.

Teas are handpicked due to character in taste development after fermentation.

Sour culture is added to activate the fermentation process. So far, our cultures are based on natural yeast, originating from our beautiful surroundings. When a harmonious balance is reached, the brew is left to ferment up to 4-6 weeks to achieve required balance.

To interrupt further fermentation the brew is cooled to 0 degrees, which invites sediment and yeast to settle at the bottom of the tank. Excessive culture is then cleared out.

After 1-2 weeks temperature is raised for maturation on the lees. The maturation ads body and roundness to our cultured tea, and if cellared over longer period, classical notes known from champagne like freshly baked brioche is surfaced in some of our products, especially Oolong and to some extent in Senchá.

Before bottling the beverage is delicately carbonated at 3 bar.

Cultured Tea is hand filled and bottled in champagne bottles at the brewery. If canned – an external company is hired to can at our brewery.

“Scientists investigate what already is: Engineers create that which has never been”

Albert Einstein