Noble Crane Tång

Sparkling Cultured Tea, Non Alcoholic

130,00 kr

By the sea. A sparkling sea breeze has been created in collaboration with Ten Island Sea Farm. Sustainable farming is the mindset of these driving spirits, as they harvest sugar kelp by hand nearby Öckerö, Sweden to minimize environmental impact. With the respect for nature, the sugar kelp is latter processed by us as primeur, to integrate minerality. A tribute to sparkling moments at the sea.


Pairing: Enjoyed on its own or pair it with food. Pair with exotic dishes that feature tropical fruits or as an accompaniment with fish or light meat dishes. The serving temperature range of 8-12°C allows it’s bright and fruity character to truly bloom.

Ingredients: Oolong (Anahui) China, ecological sugar (4,4 %), natural yeast- and bacteria culture. Sugar Content: 4,8g/100ml. No sulfites, may contain allergenes.