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About US

The beauty of our Swedish nature serves as an endless inspiration in every aspect of our company

Back to nature

From dense beech forests to tranquil lakes to rolling meadows, every aspect of Swedish nature serves as an inspiration for us We believe that the environment in which we craft our products is just as important as the products and the attention to detail we lavish on them.

Mikael Nylander founded Källsjö Brewery in 2020 after working as an engineer within the field of fire protection. Passion for food, cooking and wine led him to the art of fermenting, whereas fermenting teas revealed characters similar to winemaking. Noting the lack of splendid non-alcoholic wine alternatives, a new project with resonating core values such as passion, thoughtfulness, and quality, was realized.

ORganic Products


Savor The Craft And Artistry Of Källsjö

The Noble Crane range of products is a sublime expression of the craftsmanship and dedication of our brewmaster. Made using only the finest ingredients, Swedish organic sugar, a proprietary kombucha culture and selected exclusive teas, each batch is crafted with a meticulous process that enables the best possible flavour extraction and enhancement.

The result is a balanced, effervescent drink that is equally delightful on its own or when paired with food. With a delicate carbonation achieved through natural fermentation, our beverages are left to mature for a minimum of one to two months in stainless steel tanks. They are then pressurized and extra carbonated before bottled to give you beverages that are truly festive.

Being unpasteurized, our Cultured Teas retains their flavour and beneficial bacteria, yet not sensitive to normal room temperature. Free from additives and artificial flavours.